About V&V Foods

Taking the essential terminology of ‘Health-Conscious to the next level’, the revolutionary brand, V & V Foods is a standout example for manufacturing Health-Based Food Products in India. With an unrivaled presence in the health industry, the production of nutritious goods with superior quality, V & V Foods have been contributing towards a healthier and pesticide-free India. From Spices and Snacks to Milets and Flours, the widest array of tasty products has been eminently known to be perfect for a fitter India.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the finest products that will help consumers adopt a healthier lifestyle. Our products aim to enrich the life of the health-conscious consumer by providing these foods in a convenient form with superior quality, great-tasting, and nutritious products.

Our Mission

Our main Mission of the company is to provide a natural food to our society and giving the direct benefit to the farming commodity.

Production Process

  • Fresh from the fields. We source natural / organic products like grains, millets, pulses, nuts, spices, and other basic consumer products from primary producers such Progressive Organic Farmers, Community Based Organisations and traders.
  • We encourage farmers to take up intensive organic cultivation of millets, and pulses and other natural products. To sustain such production, we provide necessary technical inputs and financial support for the farmers to sustain natural/organic production.
  • We procure primary products at competitive prices, grade them and process them into different products.
  • We use environmentally friendly materials and sell them directly or through dealers to consumers at a competitive prices.